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July 03, 2008

I LOVE On Post ERs

Ok sooo it all starts yesterday when cute little JT decides to tell me his eyes hurt and they have green nasties. Well he was doing a good job and keeping it hidden LOL. So everyone knows what that means!!! I call at 2 pm to the clininc Pffft like that will do any good right. So I get the usual...We can't fit them in but take him to the acute clinic, because we are closed the rest of the week!!! Ok cool...Josh gets home...I take him to the clinic-SO I THOUGHT-but guess what the clinic closed early!!!! Sooo now I get to do a real ER wait. Oh how fun...good thing I brought us each a book. Well this is at 8 pm. So yipee skippee anyone want to guess what time we got home??? Yep that would be 2 AM LOL. I LOVE THE ER!!!!!

We did see some interesting things while we were there though. Of course there are privates everywhere, which usually the ones that are there are the idiots that just want out of training LOL. (most of the time not all the time!!!) But last night there was 4 pvts in there. Two of them were cool and talked quietly and just could tell by looking at them that they were good kids. The other two on the other hand well yeah LOL. They talked quite loudly and one wore his pants sagging the worst I have EVER seen ACUs sag...hell I didn't even know they could sag LOL. I so wanted Josh to be there LMAO. But then in comes a lady and her husband and they sat next to us. We just kept looking at each other and laughing at the stuff they were saying...oh so much to learn LOL and this lady's husband was drill LOL. We are getting closer and closer to being seen and guess what!!! A drill comes running in the door w/ 2 holding his hand. He is saying his hand feels like its on fire now. Ummm ok...there is major commotion for this one. Turns out the poor kid was sound asleep in his sleeping bag when a lovely copperhead decided to eat his hand for dinner!!!!!! JT wakes up and is FERIOUS b/c he came in just now and was seen LOL. I told him ummm DUDE he has a copperhead bite...He replies with "Oh! Well that is understandable then. We wouldn't want him to drop dead right there from it." Then falls back asleep LOL. Lord help me with that one LOL. Needless to say it was an interesting night. For JT he now has 8 drops a day in his eyes and has a nasty virus going in his eyes, throat ears etc. Swimming just irritated his eyes w/ the virus, so now it is time for some new swim goggles!!!!!

Now today I need to tackle this house with bleach and make sure it doesn not spread!!!! Any takers on helping??? Josh of course has day/night land nav with his new babies, so no help there LOL. I guess I will put my kids to work cleaning LOL. So much for a nice relaxing day of getting Jakes cake done!!!! Time for me to get to work I guess.


My boys are Army Brats said...

Poor JT! And poor PVT with a snake bite! UGH gross! Again lets head back to AK where we don't have those worries!