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June 30, 2008

What was I thinking???

Deciding to cutdown weeds and nasty plants all day??? LOL. I decided for some odd reason I needed to edge the edge of the house. Well I am surrounded by a big old forest on 3 sides of me hahahahaha. Soooo now after chainsawing and bush wacking I have a MESS!!! So now I am taking a short break to blog and then back to work. In the process I found 3 ant beds!!!! Now mind you I hate ANTS EEEWWW EEWWWW EEEWWWW lol. Sooo out came the insect spray...then the ant powder and now I am letting it take effect before I go finish raking.

What else has happened this week??? Well lets see....
~Yesterday was my birthday!! WOOOHOOO I am 29. It was a very relaxing and bum day. I did nothing but clean house hahaahahahaha.
~Saturday was the fireworks show on post. Ok so I can understand now doing the fireworks during a weeknight b/c well the soldiers have to go back to work. But this year the 4th is on a Friday and so can someone PLEASE explain to me why it can't be on the 4th??? Maybe it has to do with the Hoochie Fireworks in Columbus I don't know.
~Friday was a LATE day. It was a wonderful day of just hanging out. Then I took the kids to Iris's house where they were spending the night. I ended up helping her w/ her homework and then staying there until 430 AM LOL. Even Josh came over and hung out after he finished his "Ride" at 145 AM LOL. That made for a very exhausting Saturday though.
~We had some wonderful fun over the last week, but a lot of just hanging out too.

The kids only have a few more weeks before it is time to get in the school routine. YIKES School already!!!!!

On a more somber note. A girl that I know had her child pass away this last week. He was 2 and was found with a plastic bag over his head, which in turn caused brain damage from lack of oxygen. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everyone keep those plastic bags up and out of reach from little curious hands. The warning is there for a reason, though most of us tend to ignore it.

Well I guess it is time to get back to work and go kill some more ants and try to get something done!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Birthday (late)
coffee grounds will run the ants off if you drink coffee...
Omg on the person losing their baby :( I can not imagine the horror.
I have seen the shark thingy and wanted to try it... so do you have the laminate that peices together? I do and can only use certian things on it...
I live a mile from fort Gordon so just across Georgia from you!
Have a great HOT day ... Uggg its hot here ...

My boys are Army Brats said...

OOps happy birthday girl! I didn't know that it was your birthday, slipped my mind. Sorry!

Eww ont he ants, lets just go back to Alaska where we started our friendship and our military families. Our little alaskan boys will thank us for it!

Come see me!!

Sorry about your friends son. Scary stuff.