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September 28, 2008

My New Theme Song!!!

September 26, 2008

I LOVE having Family visit!

Since Uncle Ed and Erik were here my kids have been angels. Why is it when they are around other people they are so good??? I wish they would show their true colors more often so that I didn't look like such an evil mother :) It was a great time seeing them. I am going to love having Erik close, even if school will take up the majority of his time. I will still drop in on him from time to time...after all he is now my excuse to head to Atlanta to go shopping WOHOOO!! I am heading up to Atlanta w/ the kids next week to take Unc to the airport. I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot of Atlanta in the next few weeks LOL. Guess I better change my oil!!!! If any other family would like to come visit we would love to have you!!! I really do like seeing my family...just not transporting my 3 kids to where they are located LOL. So PLEASE come visit peoples!!!

Racing, Baseball, and Playing

Well life has officially settled into a normal routine!!! I am getting deep cleaning done and the kids are doing what they are supposed...That is why I am currently hearing Savannah and Jake TALKING ever so LOUDLY to each other and now Jake is crying LOL. I guess I better go intervene!!! Ok so now that is taken care of. Tonight we are headed to the racetrack. Iris and I and all 5 kids!!! Why do our kids love the track so much??? But hey at least it is free fun ;)
Tomorrow we can sleep in for a few minutes! Baseball isn't until 11 WOOHOOO! After baseball we are headed to the park. Soooo hopefully that will mean we will have a ton of new pictures to put up here.

JT is currently selling Boy Scout popcorn so if anyone would like some please contact me and I will get you the information for him to get credit!

Everyone check back in the next few days for pictures!!! Just wanted let everyone know Josh is still gone and we are all still alive and hanging in there LOL.

September 22, 2008

I had forgotten...

What it was like to be a single married mother!!! How did I forget??? I guess I have been spoiled rotten LOL. We are back in the routine of Josh being gone. Hopefully he stays gone long enough this time to let us really remember how things are supposed to work. Of course the day after is spent cleaning the house getting things in order for our different routine. Somehow our routine runs a lot more smoothly when Josh is gone. The kids know that I don't let things slide as much. Homework is very interesting to do with all 3 of them home and no hubby. I thought I was going to have to move my computer to my room and lock them out LOL. Things are a lot different than what I am used to. Last time he was really gone, the kids were younger but they didn't have as many activities going. Now they are older and can help a lot more, but we also have 80 million activities going on at once. They are all busy and loving their craziness so now I am going to enjoy juggling 10 things at once. Heck I can't even juggle 3 things in real life so how am I supposed to juggle 10 in a clock??? Hmmmm I think I need to find myself a rent-a-mommy store!! Does anyone know where there is one located? LOL. Well hopefully we don't hear from Josh for a few weeks. Those of you that know what is going on please keep him in your thoughts throughout the next few days especially as that is going to be a real test. Well I am off to get things ready for Cub Scouts tonight!!! WOOHOOO.

September 18, 2008

Working and School and Kids

Well I have officially joined the land of craziness. Today I turned in my substitute teaching packet!! I will be able to start subbing next week. The teachers at JT and Savannahs school talked me into it. Jake will be going to Miss Nancy's for his lunch and afternoon nap and to play with his buddy Rena for an hour or so. I figure I am not missing much because he is just asleep after Pre-K anyway so I may as well do it. I am very excited to start contributing to our family! It is going to be fun balancing subbing, school, scouts, baseball, and everything else. I am looking forward to it though. I am excited to have a new challenge in my life and feel like I am not just sitting at home now since the kids are gone most of the day. I love being a SAHM but my SAHM days are almost over because the kids are pretty much done being SAHK LOL. Wish me luck in my new adventure back into the working mommy land!!!!

Boys Will Be Boys!!! But WHY???

While we were home and off camping and hanging out at the lake we were still in the midst of potty training Jake. So thanks to some wonderful places with no restrooms within a hop skip and jump he learned to go outside...which is a great thing for a boy to learn don't get me wrong. Fast forward to today...

I walked in the door to get Jake and Derick and I hear "Well we had a little incident with Jake on the playground today." I am of course thinking OH NO who did he beat up because has been in a fighting mood lately with JT and Savannah. I said "Oh No What happened?" I got in return "Well he was playing and the next thing we knew he was standing there going potty". Yep right on the playground in front of almost 40 kids Jake just opens his pants and goes potty. LOL OMG I could have died. So they said they had talked to him but he told them he was going to pee his pants so he couldn't wait for them. Then when we walked in the door Josh asked how his day was and he replied with "Good Daddy. I went pee pee outside on the playground. They didn't like it" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA So now we are going to have to have a talk every morning about going potty in the potty and not outside.

September 12, 2008

Updates Updates Updates!

Well we are finished up our second week of school with Jake. The little bugger decided that he would start crying in the morning when I drop him off LOL. So now Iris takes the boys in the mornings and I pick them up at 1145. He does fine with crying for her!! He is learning a ton already. He comes home everyday with something new to tell me. His language is amazing now!!! I can't believe how well he talks.

Savannah is starting Girl Scouts and is going to love it. She had a blast at the first meeting. It is going to get crazy though with all of our meetings on Mondays. She is doing really well in school and finally starting to really read. She has taken a lot more work to get her reading. She just likes to have someone read it to her LOL.

JT starts baseball tomorrow. It is only on Saturdays,so it isn't too bad. Cub Scouts will also be on Mondays, but they will alternate. It is going to be a great program for him. He is going to really enjoy the activities and Eric will be doing it also.

Josh is getting ready for his school soon. His days have been filled with work and working out. Lots and lots of cardio along with, for some reason, lots and lots of CQ.

I am just enjoying having my mornings to get things done. Homework is a little more time consuming but it is still really easy.

Erik and Uncle Ed will be down here shortly and then Auntie will follow a couple weeks later WOOHOOO!!! Jake keeps asking when Morgan is coming though LOL.

We have just been busy being back in the routine of chaos that is our life :) It was rather nice while it was slow, but the kids are ready to be back in their activities...for how long who knows!!!!

September 09, 2008

So I finally decided to look at pictures from this summer

And I had totally forgotten about a key thing we did!!!!
The river pictures..well lets just say BRRR... it had just snowed you know. What were thinking getting in the Madison River in JUNE!!! WE HAD LOST OUR MINDS hahahaha. When the river is fed from snow pack just a few miles away you don't get in without waders until late July...but oh no we got in a snapped picture after picture!!!

From Montana Pictures

From Montana Pictures

From Montana Pictures

From Montana Pictures

From Montana Pictures