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September 18, 2008

Working and School and Kids

Well I have officially joined the land of craziness. Today I turned in my substitute teaching packet!! I will be able to start subbing next week. The teachers at JT and Savannahs school talked me into it. Jake will be going to Miss Nancy's for his lunch and afternoon nap and to play with his buddy Rena for an hour or so. I figure I am not missing much because he is just asleep after Pre-K anyway so I may as well do it. I am very excited to start contributing to our family! It is going to be fun balancing subbing, school, scouts, baseball, and everything else. I am looking forward to it though. I am excited to have a new challenge in my life and feel like I am not just sitting at home now since the kids are gone most of the day. I love being a SAHM but my SAHM days are almost over because the kids are pretty much done being SAHK LOL. Wish me luck in my new adventure back into the working mommy land!!!!