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August 21, 2009

Trash Fridays

From Trash Can

As the next year progresses, you will see this picture on the side of my blog. Every week we will be marking an x to show one more trash day gone!!! It is much easier to count 54 trash days than 380 some days!!! Hopefully before we know it we will have a page of mostly red X's :)
From Trash Can

August 20, 2009

Montana Home

Here is where we were for 3 weeks enjoying our beautiful surroundings and "relaxing" while planning for my sister's wedding :)

From Montana Take 1
It was a VERY cloudy day :)
From Montana Take 1
Looking out over the valley.
From Montana Take 1

From Montana Take 1
Just our outhouse in the field LOL
From Montana Take 1
Yes people still have wagons :) and use them!!!
From Montana Take 1
The Tobacco Roots in all their glory!

From Montana Take 1
There is nothing like a sunsest in the Big Sky of the most beautiful things you could ever experience!!!

August 19, 2009

As We Face Our New Adventure

I found this poem/prayer. How perfect it fits...I know as that day of actual feet leaving US soil actually arrives we will have another day of sadness. But as the time approaches we have no choice but to know that God has a plan...a plan that we can handle with his help and love. Whatever road lies ahead I look forward to the challenges and chances to lean on him, even though I will be missing my best friend and love of my life.

Military Wives Prayer

At night when I crawl into bed,
My lonely pillow 'neath my head,
I close my eyes and say a prayer.
"God keep him safe way over there,
And make me strong so I won't cry.

It's kinda hard to be alone and
teach the kids when they're half grown,
without the strength of a father's hand
to guide them in this troubled land.

So I'll need a little help from you,
to let me know what I should do.
And God please will you let him know,
How much we love and miss him so.

And then I feel across the bed,
To where he used to lay his head,
and I close my eyes so very tight,
so I won't cry again tonight,
and whisper to the evening air,
"Good night my darling way over there."

JT can...


Yep he learned to waterski while we were in Montana!!!

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
Uncle Ed helping him go!

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
Oh boy here we go!!!! I wish when we had learned, we had trainer skiis like those!!!

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
Takes a lot of concentration :)

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
WOOOHOOOOO SOOOOO Happy to finally go...and go he was not fair that he had to let other people have turns. Now he can't wait to grow to start wakeboarding!!!!

August 18, 2009

It Has Been A LOOONG Time!!!

Well we have had great adventures lately! We took a trip to Montana for my sisters wedding that I will post on later. The kids had a blast w/ Grammy and skiing and all sorts of fun adventures. We came home to get ready to see Josh one last time before he heads to Iraq. He came home this last weekend and we had a wonderful time spending time as a family. Our Skittle Jars are full again and Trash Day countdown is on!!!! 54 Trash Days until this deployment is finished!!!! Here are some pictures from this last weeked!

From Josh's 4 day
LOL We had fun with this picture!!!

From Josh's 4 day
Daddy and his babies
Finally a normal picture LOL