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July 31, 2008

Just A Night Of Play

Well along with the umpteen Mosquito bites we had a really good time last night. The kids had a blast riding and running and chasing Josh.

Kosmo thought we had all lost our minds and his overprotectiveness started to come out LOL. Anytime we rough house he intervenes LOL. Well Savannah chased Josh

and Josh got her back

and this is what happens with you mess with the kids LOL.

Of course he is just playing and thinking it is great fun, but we all know we are safe if someone really tried to mess with them.

JT really has his bike riding down and is having a blast riding and riding. I had to make him get off today because he was soaked in sweat and it was WAY too hot out for him to keep going.

Savannah almost has it, but the hill in front of our house is a little too much for her, so she just took to running with JT.

Jake was riding his bike like a pro until he decided to go down the hill in the front of our house (Grass) and try to jump over a stump. (I wish I would have know ahead of time so I could have captured it on film) Well ummm he didn't land so hot and decided his bike scared him (not his driving it was his bikes fault). The daredevil was finally scared!!!! He then decided his scooter was a safer bet and promptly started to chase Daddy.

It was definitely a little toasty, but fun!!! The poor kids were red cheeked and hot but at least they got their bike ride for the day!!!!

July 28, 2008

Have To Share My Joy of Everyday Life With Jake

So this is what I had the pleasure of experiencing while I was taking pictures last night of them riding bikes. I got no pictures of bike riding but lots of Tantrum Throwing LOL. Everyone at home will love this one!!!

Another Song To Add To Michelles

What a weekend!

Well my boy can finally ride his bike!!! It has taken forever for him to learn LOL. Savannah is almost there and Jake...well Im not trying b/c my luck he would have it in two days LOL. We had a wonderful relaxing weekend of bike riding and hanging out. Only a week left until school, so this week will be busy getting everyone in the routine of getting out the door by 8 AM and to bed ontime. UGH I am gonna miss sleeping in!!!!! Tomorrow I will post pictures of the kids and their battery died tonight Ooops LOL. More of an update tomorrow!!!

July 22, 2008

JT's Interview

1. What's your name? JT

2. Were you named after anyone? Johnny (whos Johnny) Hes my dads very best friend

3. So are you a junior?No because Jonathon is not the same as Johnny, but it is close and you were going to call me Johnny but JT fits me better you decided when I was born.

4. What do you want to do when you grow up? A tricky one...what I really want to do when I grow up is be a baseball player.

5. What is you favorite thing to do?Play baseball.

6. What is you favorite TV show? Psych

7. Do you have any pets? And what are their names? Yes Corona and Kosmo. And we haven't named our fish yet.

8. How old are you? 51 hahahahaha no Im 7

9. How long have you been alive? For about 7 yrs and 6months and 4 days

10. What was your favorite thing about summer? Learning to Waterskii.

11. Really what do you want to be when you grow up? A Medical Examiner so I can dissect things.

12. Where are we moving next? We are not moving, but Dad is moving. Well go visit him though on my days off. We can't go visit him when hes in Iraq though.
13. How do you feel about that? Not very Happy because then I will see Dad less.

14. Whats your favorite book? Mrs Piggle Wiggle.

July 21, 2008

Little Update!

Well life has been pretty chill here. We have had lots of fun playing outside in the pool and the newfound joy-the spray nozzle. My kids have now found the new game of shooting each other with the hose LOL. My backyard is getting watered everyday from this new game. There are a ton of places to hide and duck and so they are taking turns in soaking each other beyond all belief. We have been just staying home and playing and relaxing. We are down to two weeks before school starts!!! YIKES!!!! I can't believe our summer is wrapping up so quickly.

Josh has had duty twice in one week, so that has put a halt to our normal routine since he is home the day after LOL. This week will be an interesting one. Josh has field time with the privates and JT and Savannah are heading out to spend a few days with Grandpa and Grandma. I am sure Jake is going to absolutely throw a fit when we come home because usually he spends the night with them also LOL.

Sams birthday is tomorrow so I have been busy getting his cake ready. I will post pictures tomorrow after I put everything together on it. We will then head out there for some cake and ice cream and some roasted hot dogs over the fire. They have been busy building a new firepit so I will have to post pictures of our adventure tomorrow.

Tonight we went to Tasha's birthday party at Taylors house. The kids had fun. Savannah was happy to play with another girl again LOL. We didn't stay long because Josh has a road march at 0430 and I had to bake a cake still hehehehehe. My procrastination at its of these days I will get that planning ahead thing down.

We did get a ton of yardwork done this week and the carport cleaned etc. It was falling behind. Seems like it is a constant rotation of laundry, mowing, clean the pool, mop, sweep, vacuum LOL. I have to say I am looking forward to having the mornings to myself for a couple weeks before my school starts!!!!

July 15, 2008

The Coolest Thing Ever Invented Is

I make my own playdough about every other week, depending on how many kids have been in my house playing with it LOL. A lot of it usually ends up on the floor if it is younger kids and goes away a lot faster LOL. Today Kelly came to visit and they headed straight to the playdough!!!! Well 45 minutes after they have played they were still going at it!!! They decided that they would be Chefs for the soldiers and make all sorts of delicious entrees. Their menus included....
Spaghetti and Meatballs...Pancakes...Lobster...Octopus...Squid...Shrimp...Hot Dogs...Hamburgers...and Salmon.
Now that sounds DELICIOUS to me LOL.

Well after their playing playdough for an hour they decided it was time to feed the soldiers. I told them that they weren't allowed to have the playdough in the bedrooms (carpet) and so they proceeded to make a tent in the living room for the soldiers barracks LOL. These kids are most definitely "military brats". Feeding the soldiers then turned into they needed the kitchen. So the play kitchen ended up in my living room also!!! Wow it is going to be a mess to pick up when they are done LOL. It is going to make for a fun and enjoyable morning that is for sure!!!!

July 14, 2008

Army Wives And Laughter Please read her 100th post!!!

How is it that while a wife is missing her husband, if it is even for ticks, someone can say something so rude and hurtful? People just dont seem to understand that while their lives moved on everyday, pushing forward to something new, but with the security of their loved ones by their sides, so do ours when our loved ones are away. Ours, a lot of times, have to move forward without our best friends at our sides. They move forward with new babies born without daddies there (sometimes on the phone or webcam), steps taken without those proud eyes shining on them, and first words are said but not heard because on the other side of the world or in the midst of an oh so important field problem, is someone who loves them more than anything, but can't be there to witness those things.

When something good happens, I want to call Josh. When something scary happens, I want Josh. When something sad happens, I just want Josh to hold me. Remember most of us when we are sad want our husbands, but in the case of a deployment our husbands being absent is what makes us sad. We are reminded of that when we do a load of laundry and a child has worn his shirt to bed. We are reminded when we see ticks, flies, cockroaches, bees anything we dont usually deal with. We are reminded everytime we open our eyes and everytime we close our eyes. For me everytime I looked at my oldest, I saw Josh. We can not let our sadness overcome us. It does no good to anyone involved. We have to be happy and make life enjoyable for those around us, especially the kids. The kids are sad and hurt enough without seeing Mommy cry all the time. The ones left at home have to put on the "Big Girl Panties" and suck it up, drink water, and march on. How someone can say, without knowing you, that you don't love your husband beyond all things is crazy. Most of us sit here and wait for those phone calls, those "DING DONGS" online, or a little voice saying "MOMMY DADDY IS ONLINE HURRY UP!!!"

What are we supposed to do when they aren't there??? We find other outlets. Outlets that include a whole lot of silliness and craziness and fun and comraderie with friends who are there with you in this crazy life.

While our husbands go off and do their jobs, we have a job to do too. That job is a job that no one understands unless you have lived and breathed it. To take care of a husband 1000s of miles away is a challenge like one I have never experienced before that. Even as they are 1000s of miles away, we do our best to console them when things happen, we do our best to make sure they don't get sick, we do our best to send loving letters/emails as often as possible without getting anything in return, and we do our best to make sure their every need is met. To console a little breaking heart as they miss their daddy is a never ending job. To console a little breaking heart as they realize one of their "Uncles" will never come home is not fun. To make life as remarkable and make as many happy memories for your entire family while seperated...husband, kids, and yourself is an everyday job. Then on top of it all, you have to make sure to take care of yourself. For all of you who really don't think that millitary wives love their husbands when they are gone because they are joking about life experiences that are happening in the present time...ask to borrow a pair of their shoes. I am sure they would be more than happy to lend you a pair for a week. Then maybe your heart will have a different perspective on what it really entails to be a military wife. Hopefully you will be a little less quick to judge the laughter that hides the tears.

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July 12, 2008

A Day At The Races

So since we got rained out last night, we decided to load up and head to the track. Well last night would have been a LOT more comfortable. Today was just CRAZY HOT!!!! Well we all arrived at the race track and the fun started. Of course the boys just HAD to help prep the car. So this is what took place. It took about 10 times as long to change 4 tires as normal LOL.

After everyone was settled in. We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon. Josh's buddy came out and hung out with us. Jake informed us all that he "owned" all the race cars and they were all his to take home. I am sure his daddy would love it if that were true LOL. There were definitely some beautiful cars there!!! Jake is probably going to end up doing something along those lines when he grows up. I really feel for his future wife LOL. JT says that Jake can be the pit crew, Savannah and I can do the drinks and snacks, Daddy can drive, and JT can run the computer operations on the car LOL. So I guess we have a family business in racing now. But while JT was imagining things today, this is what really took place.

July 11, 2008

New Tires = Headache!!!!

Ok so for the last...well since I have had my car I have had a tire that goes low every once in awhile. Well last night it decided to just quit LOL. So I had a flat. No biggie b/c I was at home. So Josh being the wonderful husband that he is, calls and orders tires for me really quickly and all I have to do is go take the car in and pay. No big deal right... I will just get up get things done and get there first thing in the morning.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Things can't go like that. Instead we have to wait until 1:00-1:30 for them to get there. I call and of course the guy that answers has no clue what I am talking about. So I head down there and get there at 2. Now had I known it was going to take 2 FULL HOURS to put on tires I would have told Josh "Ummmm, no thanks you can have fun sitting there tomorrow". But me being the good wife I am, sucks it up and sits and sits and sits some more LOL. Remember I have a 3 yr old right. A 3 yr old that take a nap from 1-3:30 or so. Well since we missed his WHOLE naptime just imagine the fun we had at the tire shop. I am sure they were so glad to get rid of us. Finally I changed the channel from the ever so cheerful CNN to Disney. House of Cory seemed a much better choice for whiny, bored, out of control kids LOL. Jake was a mess...climbing on the chairs, throwing Legos at JT, riding on JT like he was a bike, and then proclaiming that he wanted gum and he didn't want to wait until the car was done and they needed to hurry up!!!! Now we are home and supposed to be getting ready to head to Reynolds to the racetrack. This should be a WONDERFUL fun night LOL. Jake who has had no nap (I HOPE he has one on the way, since its an hour and a half away.), JT who is in a fine mood today (his 7 yr old brain is mis-firing today) and Savannah who is not the biggest racing fan in the world and last about 30 minutes hahaha!! Hopefully since Dad is racing, she will be a little more interested. Speaking of which I better continue this later since I have forgotten to plug in the camcorder and charge my digital batter for tonight!!!! Oh yes and JT says he is praying for no rain because he wants corn dogs and nachos for dinner LOL. Can you tell we spend some time at the track???

July 09, 2008


I have finally found something that will work with disciplining Jake. Of course he still will probably end up in the corner for hours at a time, 90 times a day..but hopefully this will help a little LOL.

It all started with JT laying on the floor and Jake riding his bike like a crazy man. He came tearing around the corner and proceeded to run over JT's hand (so I was told...I was folding laundry) I hear JT SCREAMING at Jake "WATCH WHAT YOU ARE DOING, THAT HURTS!!!" Then JT when JT cries he is really hurt. So time to intervene.

Me...What happened

JT (while sobbing)...Jake ran over my fingers, look!

Sure enough he sure did LOL.

Me...Jake you need to watch where you are driving and be a little more careful.


Me...Now Jake you need to stop that attitude or I will take your bike away (and never return it heheheeheh)


Ok now when does a little be more careful warrant a full-blown temper tantrum??? I LOVE 3 yr olds LOL.

Jake....Imagine now kicking his bike, slamming his hand on his handlebars and screeching at me.

For those of you that actually know Jake, know that he is the worlds best tantrum thrower. It is actually rather funny to watch, except for the fact that he is my child and well that is just not acceptable in my house. Sooooo

Me...pick him up off his bike... grab the bike and take it outside. (yes my kids ride inside LOL) Jake you can not throw fits like that and you may have your bike back after nap.

Now really what was I thinking saying the nap word???? I really must have wanted a challenge this morning because that word is like a dirty word in this house LOL.


Me..."Go to your room until you calm down and can talk to me like a big boy"

10 minutes later....

Jake..."Mom I a big boy now...I have my bike back now?"

Me..."Not until after lunch (notice no NAP LOL) "

Guess what he was fine with that!!! Ok so now seriously can someone PLEASE tell me how to rewire a 3 yr olds brain...they seriously need to come with instruction manuals on how to rewire brains at 3, 7, 11, and 13-16 LOL. We went from a simple be a little more careful to a full blown bike removed and in trouble situation LOL. A simple "Yes Maam" Would have been suficient, but I guess we must like drama here.

He has now been a wonderful little boy and keeps reminding me he is a big boy so he can have his bike. I have finally found the key to his behavior for the next 2-3 days...then I will be in search of something else again I am sure. At least I know the next few days will be a lot less of a challenge LOL.

July 05, 2008

Jakes Cake!!

This year I decided to do Jakes cake as a real one you could buy in the store and this is what I came up with :)

The start of Jakes frosting for his cake :)

The first frosting step in a buttercream transfer.

Now we are cruising along.

HMMMMM Is this really gonna work???

WOOOHOOOO The transfer worked!!!!


WOOHOOOO The final product!!! It was SOOOO good too!!!

Jake's Birthday

We had a wonderful fun-filled day today. It of course is a fun day because it is the 4th, but also because my sweet little baby was born 3 years ago today. I will never ever forget the phone call from Josh or the laughter from PJay and I as we had a baby together LOL. She is a person that will always be close to my heart. As she said today...tell our baby Happy Birthday. In a sense he was hers too for awhile. She was the first one to snuggle him, the first one to feed him, the first one to really take care of him for a little bit. She stepped into Josh's place without any hesitation. You know you have a real friend when she sits through labor and delivery with you and laughs at you saying...OK DRUGS LOL and then holds your hand through it all.

Jake as a new baby

Jake at 3yrs

So today as I watch my baby ride his new bike and be a typical three year old, I couldn't help but smile and enjoy every minute. He started off the day by being mad when my mom called to sing him "Happy Birthday" because it wasnt' MORGAN!!!! Ok now Morg, you really must be important LOL. He proceeded to throw a fit and had to be sent to his room. What a wonderful way to start off his birthday. I was not happy until my mom explained to me ever so gently that "He knows today is a big day and something is going on, but he doesn't know how to handle it, so be patient". I LOVE my mom...she gives the best advice when I really need it. I need to be reminded sometimes that 3 yr olds really are still babies that like to act like big kids. Anyway, so the rest of the day went really well. I rushed to get everything finished and get ready to go. I finally finished Jakes cake (which I will show tomorrow) and off we went to Waverly Hall leaving my house spotless...ummmm I mean TRASHED LOL.

We had a wonderful day of Southern BBQ with all the sides, sparklers, cake and ice cream-with NO candles LOL. Sam, Kelly, JT, Nan, and Jake had a wonderful day. It was so nice to see Pam and John again...I really wish we lived closer to them. It is so nice to be surrounded by family and know that my kids are so well loved by more then just us and our real families-(well they are our real family now).

Jake today was so cute. We all sang Happy Birthday to him and as we finished the first Happy Birthday to you...Jake jumps in and starts singing in his loud singing voice and sings to himself LOL. Of course most kids this age do...but at the end he sings..."Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" As long as he could go without stopping LOL. What a character that we of course had to have an instant replay so that Grandpa could get it on video LOL. Then he proceeded to blow out "pretend" candles because we didn't have any LOL. I left mine at home and figured no biggie Grandma will have some...but she didn't LOL. But he still LOVED blowing out his pretend candles LOL.

All in all it was a wonderful, stress-free, relaxing day! A real small "family" birthday party that is so much more normal to us!!!

July 03, 2008

I LOVE On Post ERs

Ok sooo it all starts yesterday when cute little JT decides to tell me his eyes hurt and they have green nasties. Well he was doing a good job and keeping it hidden LOL. So everyone knows what that means!!! I call at 2 pm to the clininc Pffft like that will do any good right. So I get the usual...We can't fit them in but take him to the acute clinic, because we are closed the rest of the week!!! Ok cool...Josh gets home...I take him to the clinic-SO I THOUGHT-but guess what the clinic closed early!!!! Sooo now I get to do a real ER wait. Oh how fun...good thing I brought us each a book. Well this is at 8 pm. So yipee skippee anyone want to guess what time we got home??? Yep that would be 2 AM LOL. I LOVE THE ER!!!!!

We did see some interesting things while we were there though. Of course there are privates everywhere, which usually the ones that are there are the idiots that just want out of training LOL. (most of the time not all the time!!!) But last night there was 4 pvts in there. Two of them were cool and talked quietly and just could tell by looking at them that they were good kids. The other two on the other hand well yeah LOL. They talked quite loudly and one wore his pants sagging the worst I have EVER seen ACUs sag...hell I didn't even know they could sag LOL. I so wanted Josh to be there LMAO. But then in comes a lady and her husband and they sat next to us. We just kept looking at each other and laughing at the stuff they were saying...oh so much to learn LOL and this lady's husband was drill LOL. We are getting closer and closer to being seen and guess what!!! A drill comes running in the door w/ 2 holding his hand. He is saying his hand feels like its on fire now. Ummm ok...there is major commotion for this one. Turns out the poor kid was sound asleep in his sleeping bag when a lovely copperhead decided to eat his hand for dinner!!!!!! JT wakes up and is FERIOUS b/c he came in just now and was seen LOL. I told him ummm DUDE he has a copperhead bite...He replies with "Oh! Well that is understandable then. We wouldn't want him to drop dead right there from it." Then falls back asleep LOL. Lord help me with that one LOL. Needless to say it was an interesting night. For JT he now has 8 drops a day in his eyes and has a nasty virus going in his eyes, throat ears etc. Swimming just irritated his eyes w/ the virus, so now it is time for some new swim goggles!!!!!

Now today I need to tackle this house with bleach and make sure it doesn not spread!!!! Any takers on helping??? Josh of course has day/night land nav with his new babies, so no help there LOL. I guess I will put my kids to work cleaning LOL. So much for a nice relaxing day of getting Jakes cake done!!!! Time for me to get to work I guess.