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July 12, 2008

A Day At The Races

So since we got rained out last night, we decided to load up and head to the track. Well last night would have been a LOT more comfortable. Today was just CRAZY HOT!!!! Well we all arrived at the race track and the fun started. Of course the boys just HAD to help prep the car. So this is what took place. It took about 10 times as long to change 4 tires as normal LOL.

After everyone was settled in. We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon. Josh's buddy came out and hung out with us. Jake informed us all that he "owned" all the race cars and they were all his to take home. I am sure his daddy would love it if that were true LOL. There were definitely some beautiful cars there!!! Jake is probably going to end up doing something along those lines when he grows up. I really feel for his future wife LOL. JT says that Jake can be the pit crew, Savannah and I can do the drinks and snacks, Daddy can drive, and JT can run the computer operations on the car LOL. So I guess we have a family business in racing now. But while JT was imagining things today, this is what really took place.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

cool pics love that one of the kids kicked back and the one of daddy and son... they sure have the same posture and expression... too cute like daddy like son LOL.

My boys are Army Brats said...

How cute but man you guys looked like you were melting out there!