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July 31, 2008

Just A Night Of Play

Well along with the umpteen Mosquito bites we had a really good time last night. The kids had a blast riding and running and chasing Josh.

Kosmo thought we had all lost our minds and his overprotectiveness started to come out LOL. Anytime we rough house he intervenes LOL. Well Savannah chased Josh

and Josh got her back

and this is what happens with you mess with the kids LOL.

Of course he is just playing and thinking it is great fun, but we all know we are safe if someone really tried to mess with them.

JT really has his bike riding down and is having a blast riding and riding. I had to make him get off today because he was soaked in sweat and it was WAY too hot out for him to keep going.

Savannah almost has it, but the hill in front of our house is a little too much for her, so she just took to running with JT.

Jake was riding his bike like a pro until he decided to go down the hill in the front of our house (Grass) and try to jump over a stump. (I wish I would have know ahead of time so I could have captured it on film) Well ummm he didn't land so hot and decided his bike scared him (not his driving it was his bikes fault). The daredevil was finally scared!!!! He then decided his scooter was a safer bet and promptly started to chase Daddy.

It was definitely a little toasty, but fun!!! The poor kids were red cheeked and hot but at least they got their bike ride for the day!!!!


My boys are Army Brats said...

Kosmo is huge! I'm jealous!

I didn't know you had hills like that! Wow no wonder JT wasn't riding yet! I wouldn't be either!

Great pictures! The kids are gonna need those too soon. I miss pictures with a daddy in them!

Keep blogging.