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July 15, 2008

The Coolest Thing Ever Invented Is

I make my own playdough about every other week, depending on how many kids have been in my house playing with it LOL. A lot of it usually ends up on the floor if it is younger kids and goes away a lot faster LOL. Today Kelly came to visit and they headed straight to the playdough!!!! Well 45 minutes after they have played they were still going at it!!! They decided that they would be Chefs for the soldiers and make all sorts of delicious entrees. Their menus included....
Spaghetti and Meatballs...Pancakes...Lobster...Octopus...Squid...Shrimp...Hot Dogs...Hamburgers...and Salmon.
Now that sounds DELICIOUS to me LOL.

Well after their playing playdough for an hour they decided it was time to feed the soldiers. I told them that they weren't allowed to have the playdough in the bedrooms (carpet) and so they proceeded to make a tent in the living room for the soldiers barracks LOL. These kids are most definitely "military brats". Feeding the soldiers then turned into they needed the kitchen. So the play kitchen ended up in my living room also!!! Wow it is going to be a mess to pick up when they are done LOL. It is going to make for a fun and enjoyable morning that is for sure!!!!


Brandy said...

I'm so jealous I cant get my playdough to come out so good its always really sticky. Send me your recipe it looks great and tons of fun!