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August 30, 2008


I have decided my house is invaded with monsters...
Laundry Monsters, Yard Monsters, Toy Monsters, and Tornado Monsters!!!
I am hoping that in the next 2 years these monster will decide that my house is no longer a fun place to play.
I promise that I am POSITIVE that the laundry was done when I went to bed...but I get ready to drop the kids off at school only to find 2 loads of laundry to do!! So I ask where did all these clothes come from...I am pretty sure I asked for all dirty clothes last night. I don't know is the reply!!!

I swear I mow my yard but then turn around and there are leaves, twigs, toys, and clutter on them two minutes later. Then 2 days later...all those monsters must have really fed my lawn because it needs mowed again!!!! I of course tell the kids to clean up their toys and forts and grenades and swords and every other homemade weapon only to hear..."They aren't mine".

The toy monster must live invisibly 24 hours a day. I know for a fact my living room floor is clean before I go to bed, after all I do sweep everynight before bed. But somehow by 7:45 AM it looks as though the toy bomb has EXPLODED...of course my kids couldn't have done it because they are supposed to be brushing teeth, eating breakfast, taking showers etc. They don't have time to do all that playing.

Torndados Monsters well they just must live here because everytime I leave a room I walk back in to find a tornado has visited a countertop, a couch, or a floor.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the monsters because acoording to my children, they are not responsible for any of the messes or dirty laundry LOL. They don't scare my children so I have decided they must be cute and furry like this one!!!!

August 25, 2008

Jake Says the Craziest Things!!!

So this morning started out with Jake being happy as a clam playing and coloring with me while I was doing some homework. He then walks up to me and informs me that "Nana watched Hannah Tana on the puter mom, so I watch Mickey House on the puter too". So my homework was over for awhile. Mickey House as he calls it was a top priority!!! LOL. He sure can be a genius when he really wants something. He comes up with all sorts of things if it is going to benefit him! I can so totally wait until he is a teenager!!!

The next segment of Jake was this. It was raining...this moment was taken just a minute after he asked me because as a good blogger I had to capture the full effect!!! LOL

What did he ask you wonder??? He asked "Mom where is my "Blue Jacket"(aka. life-jacket) I said in the shed. He says "Go run get it for me so I don't drowned in this lake and get died" LOL Ok now seriously I was DYING of laughter and had to capture his "Lake" that was deep enough for a life jacket!!! LOL

August 24, 2008

This Weekend!!!

Has been full of absolutely nothing!!! With the yucky weather we have played video games, watched TV online (b/c we shut off our cable LOL) and Josh and JT are now working at a buddys house on a transmission. At least it has been a ton of snuggle time with the kids and lots of laughter and giggles at mommy playing Mario and Sonic Olympics LOL. At least I have been getting in some One Tree Hill before it starts LOL. And yes Michelle the yucky weather is starting!!!

August 23, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay has visited

Well we have had a SOLID day of rain. The boys went out and played soccer with dad in the rain. I was gone so no pictures for that one. I really need to teach Josh to take pictures of all activities LOL. They were all drenched by the time Savannah and I got home. We ran to get a new Wii game for the rainy weekend. That is pretty much what the kids did the rest of day. It is nasty out and so it looks like we will be stuck inside this weekend. I am sure Josh will be heading to the gym and I may have to make a trip to the mall for an outting!!!! I do need more Yankee Air Freshner refills haha. We definitely need this rain, but it is sure making it feel alot more fall than just August in the South!!!!

August 22, 2008

All of our Updates!

Well since I last really blogged not much has happened. We have been to Pine Mountain and had a wonderful time. Josh and JT went on a 2 mile run and the other 2 and I went on a walk. JT loves running with Josh and keeps wanting to go back and run again LOL. We stopped at Grandpa and Grandmas on the way back and the kids decided to be brave and ride the scooter down the hill. What a fun time!!! Until...
JT comes in and says "Mom I fell but it doesnt hurt too bad. I just hurt my lip." Ummm how he wasn't crying I don't know because I sure would have been. He had fallen face first and had a bruise on his cheek and forehead and his lip had a huge cut on it. Well we got him all taken care of, ate dinner and they headed back out.
Not five minutes later Savannah came in and had decided she couldn't be left out so she had fallen and taken a chunk out of her knee LOL.

That made for a fun week of canker sores and cleaning Savannahs (drama queen) knee. I got to spend every lunch with JT because he couldn't eat without his medicine on his mouth and I had to take it up there to put it on.

Margaux and the kids came down to visit this last weekend and the kids had an absolute blast playing. It is always a very busy house with 7 kids LOL. We went to the Monster Trucks at the Phenix City dirt track and watched racing and monster truck. The kids had fun and it was a LATE night. We will soon be heading up to Dahlonega to play and enjoy some fall activities.

Fall is coming early here. The leaves are turning and dropping and the weather is alot cooler than last year. That is a fine thing with me though!!! Maybe we will even get some snow this year-Yeah right LOL.

Yesterday and today I have another little 3 yr old here. Having two 3 yr olds that are two peas in a pod is a challenge. They are playing trains right now and kicked me out!!! They decided they wanted to build their own tracks LOL.

I start school on Monday and am looking forward to having a little more to do during the day (like I don't have enough). Josh has had a ton of duties lately so we haven't really seen much of him. Hopefully this next week is a little more calm, but I doubt it.

Here are some of the most recent pictures...most of them from Pine Moutain.


August 20, 2008


Well we finally have our own internet back!! YIPEE!!! So now it is time to blog away again. I will update everyone tomorrow with pictures and stories, I would tonight but I have actual work to do on here .

August 14, 2008

Internet is down!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be posting sometime next week. We are switching internet providers and are without internet for a few days!!!

August 07, 2008


So yesterday school was a total success. JT came home and is happy with his class. He said even some of the kids that couldn't listen last year were being good LOL. WEll for JT this is a HUGE thing because he just has no patience when it comes to people not following directions and doing things right at school. Now at home it is a little different, but at school he is somewhat of a "Mr. Monk". Savannah gets in the car and I ask her how her first day of school was and got "It was SOOOOOO fun!" Thank goodness. One less stress now. Then she proceeds to inform me that she is now friends with JT's teachers daughter LOL. I told her this morning at least when Savannah and Regan plan sleepovers it is easy to contact you LOL-just walk JT to class LOL. Jake is not liking this whole school thing right now. Thank goodness only a few more weeks until it is his turn. He woke up this morning and said that we weren't taking JT and Nan to school because we already did. I told him that they had to go everyday and his reply was No they only go once!!! LOL It will be an adjustment for him. He has been being a MAJOR baby while they are at school. He has reverted back to being about 18mos old LOL. Oh well give it a day and hopefully he will snap out of it!!!

Now for other fun things...I mowed my lawn as soon as I dropped of JT and Savannah at school. Of course along with spiders, ants, and other creepy crawlies in my grass I found standing water. Hmmmm very interesting...except it wasn't really standing water it was flowing water from my water meter box. the water company...empty out the box...check the meter...give it 15 min go back out...have to empty out the box again...THANK GOSH THE METER IS STILL THE SAME!!! WOOHOOO Party!!! Its not on our now I am waiting for the water company to come dig up my yard and replace pipes. Yippeee Skippeee!!! But at least it isn't my responsibility.

Now it is time to switch laundry and get one more load done before my water disappears for a few hours!!!

August 06, 2008


Oh my goodness...Summer is GONE! :( I am going to miss my little Savannah :(! She has been my sidekick for long time now and she is finally on her own. She was rather nervous and then when we got to class she was struggling with not crying. She didn't want to color or do anything. She was concentrating to hard on not crying LOL. So after a quick high 5 and a "Daddy will pick you up with Eric and JT" Jake and I left. What am I going to do all day with only one child at home??? JT is good to go. He said he was excited to go to school this year because "I have a good teacher and I am a step up, so maybe it will be a little more challenging for my brain." LOL. Seriously now I hope it is a little more challenging for his brain, but he is in for some surprises since they are doing more reading this year and umm well he is WAY past a 2nd grade level LOL.

I am actually looking forward to getting a ton done!!!! It is now officially time to get back into the routine of things and get life back to normal. I can't wait to see how this year will unfold!

Savannah was not all that excited this morning. I think she was too nervous to be excited!!! Hopefully tomorrow is better :)

Now JT on the other hand is ready for 2nd Grade and everything that it throws at him LOL. It helps a little that is classroom buddy from last year, Ricky, is in his class again this year. He couldn't wait to catch up on what happened over the summer hahaha.

And then of course Jacob...oh sweet Jake. He INSISTED he was going to school today, so the backpack had to go and the picture had to be taken LOL. Pretty soon he will actually get there, but hey at least the picture is already done hahahaahaha.

They thought they were pretty cute stuff here!!!

And the real group picture!!!! My sweet babies all growing up!!!

August 04, 2008

A Hiking We Will Go...

Yesterday we all took off to go hiking at Pine Mountain. It was SOOO much fun! The kids had a blast walking through the woods and finding all sorts of fun things LOL. It really is amazing what type of things my kids can find in the leaves and trees. Josh ran his crazy amount of miles and the kids and I walked 1.5 miles. Poor Jake was so tired LOL. That is a long way for his little legs, but soon he should be catching up!!!!

August 03, 2008

A HOT HOT HOT Saturday!

Yesterday was "Lil" Erics birthday party and so we headed over there for some cake and ice cream! It was a great time for everyone. Josh actually got to join us a little later for some fun. Work was finished before 2!!!!
It started out with the 5 crazies at first!!!

Then the rest of the kids showed up for some party time!!!
They decided to run about 200 yards to jump into the pool~Why they had to run that far I have no idea, but it made for some very tired kids at the end of the day hahaha!

The dads decided to play a game of baseball, so it was time to run back to the house for some Wiffle Balls and Bat.

Then it was time for the Water Balloons!!!! It was a fun time had by all including parents hahahahahaha!!! Me...well I was safe because of my camera!!!

The pinata came shortly after and as the candy fell and was being gathered, the kids were bombarded by parents with silly string hahaahahahaha!!! That was a site to see!!!

Then it was time to head home...Of course before I leave JT and Eric had to have a picture taken together.