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August 22, 2008

All of our Updates!

Well since I last really blogged not much has happened. We have been to Pine Mountain and had a wonderful time. Josh and JT went on a 2 mile run and the other 2 and I went on a walk. JT loves running with Josh and keeps wanting to go back and run again LOL. We stopped at Grandpa and Grandmas on the way back and the kids decided to be brave and ride the scooter down the hill. What a fun time!!! Until...
JT comes in and says "Mom I fell but it doesnt hurt too bad. I just hurt my lip." Ummm how he wasn't crying I don't know because I sure would have been. He had fallen face first and had a bruise on his cheek and forehead and his lip had a huge cut on it. Well we got him all taken care of, ate dinner and they headed back out.
Not five minutes later Savannah came in and had decided she couldn't be left out so she had fallen and taken a chunk out of her knee LOL.

That made for a fun week of canker sores and cleaning Savannahs (drama queen) knee. I got to spend every lunch with JT because he couldn't eat without his medicine on his mouth and I had to take it up there to put it on.

Margaux and the kids came down to visit this last weekend and the kids had an absolute blast playing. It is always a very busy house with 7 kids LOL. We went to the Monster Trucks at the Phenix City dirt track and watched racing and monster truck. The kids had fun and it was a LATE night. We will soon be heading up to Dahlonega to play and enjoy some fall activities.

Fall is coming early here. The leaves are turning and dropping and the weather is alot cooler than last year. That is a fine thing with me though!!! Maybe we will even get some snow this year-Yeah right LOL.

Yesterday and today I have another little 3 yr old here. Having two 3 yr olds that are two peas in a pod is a challenge. They are playing trains right now and kicked me out!!! They decided they wanted to build their own tracks LOL.

I start school on Monday and am looking forward to having a little more to do during the day (like I don't have enough). Josh has had a ton of duties lately so we haven't really seen much of him. Hopefully this next week is a little more calm, but I doubt it.

Here are some of the most recent pictures...most of them from Pine Moutain.



My boys are Army Brats said...

Cute pictures! Thats great that Josh will take JT running with him. I bet he loves that!

What is the second to the last picture?

Steph said...

Hey hey cute pics...oh I'm so glad we taught Nan how to NOT sit like a lady when she was here heheh I love you :)