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August 07, 2008


So yesterday school was a total success. JT came home and is happy with his class. He said even some of the kids that couldn't listen last year were being good LOL. WEll for JT this is a HUGE thing because he just has no patience when it comes to people not following directions and doing things right at school. Now at home it is a little different, but at school he is somewhat of a "Mr. Monk". Savannah gets in the car and I ask her how her first day of school was and got "It was SOOOOOO fun!" Thank goodness. One less stress now. Then she proceeds to inform me that she is now friends with JT's teachers daughter LOL. I told her this morning at least when Savannah and Regan plan sleepovers it is easy to contact you LOL-just walk JT to class LOL. Jake is not liking this whole school thing right now. Thank goodness only a few more weeks until it is his turn. He woke up this morning and said that we weren't taking JT and Nan to school because we already did. I told him that they had to go everyday and his reply was No they only go once!!! LOL It will be an adjustment for him. He has been being a MAJOR baby while they are at school. He has reverted back to being about 18mos old LOL. Oh well give it a day and hopefully he will snap out of it!!!

Now for other fun things...I mowed my lawn as soon as I dropped of JT and Savannah at school. Of course along with spiders, ants, and other creepy crawlies in my grass I found standing water. Hmmmm very interesting...except it wasn't really standing water it was flowing water from my water meter box. the water company...empty out the box...check the meter...give it 15 min go back out...have to empty out the box again...THANK GOSH THE METER IS STILL THE SAME!!! WOOHOOO Party!!! Its not on our now I am waiting for the water company to come dig up my yard and replace pipes. Yippeee Skippeee!!! But at least it isn't my responsibility.

Now it is time to switch laundry and get one more load done before my water disappears for a few hours!!!