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August 06, 2008


Oh my goodness...Summer is GONE! :( I am going to miss my little Savannah :(! She has been my sidekick for long time now and she is finally on her own. She was rather nervous and then when we got to class she was struggling with not crying. She didn't want to color or do anything. She was concentrating to hard on not crying LOL. So after a quick high 5 and a "Daddy will pick you up with Eric and JT" Jake and I left. What am I going to do all day with only one child at home??? JT is good to go. He said he was excited to go to school this year because "I have a good teacher and I am a step up, so maybe it will be a little more challenging for my brain." LOL. Seriously now I hope it is a little more challenging for his brain, but he is in for some surprises since they are doing more reading this year and umm well he is WAY past a 2nd grade level LOL.

I am actually looking forward to getting a ton done!!!! It is now officially time to get back into the routine of things and get life back to normal. I can't wait to see how this year will unfold!

Savannah was not all that excited this morning. I think she was too nervous to be excited!!! Hopefully tomorrow is better :)

Now JT on the other hand is ready for 2nd Grade and everything that it throws at him LOL. It helps a little that is classroom buddy from last year, Ricky, is in his class again this year. He couldn't wait to catch up on what happened over the summer hahaha.

And then of course Jacob...oh sweet Jake. He INSISTED he was going to school today, so the backpack had to go and the picture had to be taken LOL. Pretty soon he will actually get there, but hey at least the picture is already done hahahaahaha.

They thought they were pretty cute stuff here!!!

And the real group picture!!!! My sweet babies all growing up!!!


Hinote1980 said...

Your kids are seriously cute! I love Savannah's dress, she looks so adorable! I cannot imagine the day Rylee goes to school, I'll probably have a panic attack, lol!

Steph said...

Gol Dangit they are so cute!!! I miss them and the fact that I don't get to be there this yr for the first day of school!! I can't believe they are already starting!!!

My boys are Army Brats said...

Wow I can't believe how grown up they are looking! Savannah's dress is beautiful! JT is getting so big and Jake....ahhh Jake...I'm so glad you have one who's not so simple!

Proud Navy Wife and Momma Of Three said...

Your kiddos looked so cute on their first day of school..Savannah's dress is just simply beautiful. i can't wait until lene'a starts school so i can get her all dress up even if it is first grade this year. LOL!