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September 07, 2009

A Major Update

Well as some of you may know Josh is officially gone. It has been almost a full week of not hearing from him now :( We have all settled into our routine fairly quickly since he has technically been gone since April. Not being able to talk to him 20 million times a day has taken some getting used to, but I know soon he will be settled and we will establish our communication and life will move on. Communication I found is so very important now that the kids are older. He missed Savannah loosing her first tooth and still doesn't know. He doesn't know that JT and Nan will be testing next month for Jui Jitsu belts. Doesn't know that Jake has decided to actually learn his letters. All little things that shows that life really does move on without him and all in a weeks makes me sad to realize how much he will really miss in a full year.

Anyway enough down....we have decided to sell our house!!!! Yep we decided that it was best if we try to sell. If it sells before May AWESOME..I am moving the kids home to be with my family in Montana. If it doesn't, well renting is an option and we WILL be moved to Ft Riley when Josh comes back. Living apart is not an option at this point. So we could really use some prayers that our house will sell quickly so that I can move my babies to be with their Grammy and then to their Dad (not to mention I miss living w/ my best friend LOL). So now we are busy getting the house decluttered and everything ship shape to sell. That is a lot of work for just me LOL. Oh yes and I am supposed to try and sell the drag car also LOL. That would be a HUGE help to get things rolling on the house!! Hopefully that will happen soon :)
Please keep Josh and all those guys in your prayers as they head out to do their jobs. I will be posting pictures probably next weekend as it is late and I will be busy busy this week!