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April 29, 2008

Hmmm 7 yrs!!!

So I thought the attitudes and difficult times were supposed to be in the Teen Years. Well come to find out they aren't. Why did no one warn me that 7 years lose all connections in their brains too. Their commom sense goes out the window. Why is it they choose to throw fits at the drop of a hat LOL It is like having a 2 yr old all over again!!!!! Currently mine is standing with his nose in the corner after choosing to throw a fit about playing monkey in the middle in the bedroom instead of in the living room. Then continuing to kick at the walls a little and things on the floor as he stomped off to his room after being told to go there. Hmmmm then the mouthiness begins. AAAHHHH LOL. I guess it is just good practice for when my darling Savannah gets there. I just hope she learns a little faster then JT LOL. We have figured it out though. That ball and glove are his pride and joy and they are about ready to disappear for a week or so at a time. That means less baseball games for us LOL. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and his smile will return to his face.

Today otherwise was an eventful day. Andrea came over with her 3 kiddos and Hope and Savannah had a blast playing. The two Jakes were busy being Jakes and the boys played army and baseball forever. Then I had Eric and Derick and life was as busy as it always is when all 5 kids are together LOL. We had to say goodbye to Dana and Kevin today. They will be continuing their journey in Cleveland, TN. I hope recruiting goes well LOL.

We are going to have a busy rest of the week, so I will try to keep it updated as much as possible. I am getting rid of the rest of my stamp sets, a few more toys, and the rest of my scrapping stuff. That will hopefully all be gone so my trunk will be ready for more chairs LOL.

Oh yes and ONE WEEK UNTIL MY SISTER GETS HERE WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Time is flying by!!!!!!

April 27, 2008


I ONLY HAVE 3 WEEKS UNTIL I AM HOME!!!!!! Just had to share LOL

A Day of Nothing

Wow what a difference cleaning things out makes!!! My house stayed clean with all of 5 of us home...Hmmmm...maybe it is just because we were actually home for more than 5 minutes and not just dropping clothes, bags, dishes whatever and changing things all around and taking off again for another daily adventure. The kids played baseball in the backyard with Daddy today and loved every minute of it. Of course it decided to rain and Josh came inside and behind him I hear..."Where are you going??? We love to play baseball in the rain!!!!" So the three hooligans stayed out and played and got a little damp.

I actually had time to sit down and play the keyboard for awhile. It makes me realize how much I miss having a real piano. I can't wait to go home and sit and play as much as I want. It used to be such a huge part of my life and it is so relaxing to me. I think I may have to start getting up early and playing a little bit so that I can try and not be so stressed out over little things. Speaking of music... a little earlier at dinner the TV was still on in the living room and Hannah Montana came little Jake sits there and is jamming with his fork and singing her song!!!!!! He is bobbing his head like a little rock star. Oh how I am going to miss having a little toddler in a few years LOL.

And now it is time to sign off so the kids can watch the eggs in the incubator webcam!!!!

April 26, 2008

Just For Michelle LOL

Ok sooooo I haven't posted in forever b/c well things have been crazy. We have all been baseballing pretty much 5 days out of the week now. That is craziness in this heat. Summer has arrived and WOW it is gonna be a scorcher. I am not looking forward to August!!!!! Josh has been home a TON because is at his new unit. They don't have privates until June and Josh will already be in ANCOC by then LOL. They don't have offices assigned yet sooooo the guys literally go in and sit around and BS all day unless they have a class to attend. He actually had to work until 5 last week WOOHOOO. Jake has been being a major handful and throwing things my way that I used to laugh at Michelle for having to deal with LOL. I really sometimes think I should have quit while I was ahead, but then those big brown eyes look and me and say "Mommmy I want sugars" and I melt like a pile of sugar LOL. Yes my 2 little ones are turning into little hillbillys. When you hear them talk, you would think that their mom and dad are from here LOL. Going home is going to be a funny experience for my family. Listening to that southern accent is going to make a lot of giggles happen. JT is almost done with school!!!! WOOHOOOO Savannah is keeping busy by trying to be a socialite LOL.

We have finally caught up on things around the yard and house and cleaned a TON of stuff out. We now have room for everything and are enjoying have a spic and span house and yard all the time now. W/out all the junk there is a lot less mess LOL.

Other news for us has not been so good. Josh's mom lost her kidney and now we don't know what is going to happen. The doctors still have not decided what they can do. Josh will be flying home in July sometime. I told him we would just meet him there and he could drive back with us, but he politely declined LOL. I finally figured out that gas prices are not the real reason!!!! It is b/c he doesnt want to be stuck in the car with 3 kids for 31 hours LOL. And here I get to do 33 TWICE!!!!!! Hmmm and that is fair how???? Oh well I am going on vacation for a month and a half and taking a break from being a mommy 24/7 so HA!!!!!

Other then that nothing else has happened. I will be better Michelle I PROMISE!!!! I will try everday if not everyother day!!!!!!

April 04, 2008

Hmmm Where To Next???

Well here we go. The fun starts now LOL. Things are actually going great here in Georgia. I just really wish that we knew where we were going next. It is driving me crazy not knowing what the Army is about to throw our way. I mean come on now can't you plan things more then 2 weeks in advance???? November will be here before we know it and Josh will no longer be a drill sgt. Now don't get me wrong...I don't like this job...... but I have seen more of my darling husband in the last 2 years then I have the first 6 years of our time together!!!!! Not to mention that extra $$ is nice :) I can sit here and say "Yep I am ok with deployments and seperations" and for the most part I am. But Dang I have grown attached to Josh LOL. Anyways, so we are waiting for what our lives are going to be like next. I am thinking it is going to be the kids and I here while he heads off to play in a sandbox like his 2 yr old LOL. I guess Michelle and I will have to drive and visit b/c we will both be in the same boat for a few months LOL.

Life now is full of baseball and softball and more baseball and softball LOL. We are keeping very very busy between JT and Savannah and it is making time fly. I can't even imagine what it will be like when Jake starts AAAHHH...Like Leslie said, I will need a rent-a-mommy.