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February 19, 2012

A Typical Week Of Play!

As an FCC Provider I am responsible for many kids throughout the day. I currently have 5 besides my own three and others that float in and out. In this life where kids are expected to grow up so fast, I am more concerned with letting the kids be kids and play and learn through their experiences. Our weeks are so very packed full of fun from blocks and dramatic play to outside time and circle times full of silly songs and actions and of course some amazing books! But along with these day to day activities I try to throw in some fun and messy stuff!!!

Here was our last week (which was only 4 days LOL)

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A little pink playdough with red glitter was made and played with for Valentines Day!

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Just a little light table play with water beads.

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Some fun Snow Candy (Maple syrup and butter boiled and then poured over snow)

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Some Popcorn Kernel Painting!!!

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A tent sounded fun to them which then evolved into this....

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Mining for gold and jewels (depending on which kid you asked :p)

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Just a little puff painting taking place during the popcorn painting (we had 10 kids here that day LOL)

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Some bleeding tissue paper art which inevitably stained my counters and tables into those beautiful colors too!
And of course we had to end the week with a beautiful day outside playing in puddles!

Through all of this so many lessons were learned that I couldn't even begin to "teach"...instead I let them learn them as they go and get the pleasure of playing like a kid and learning lessons of my own right along with them (like only straight bleach takes out the tissue paper stains LOL).

February 18, 2012


It has been over a year since I blogged. Between school, work, kids and life I just didn't have the time! I have decided that it is time to start again though. We have so many changes and adventures upcoming and keeping track of them all will be an adventure in itself!

One of the upcoming adventures is explained in this picture.

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Anyone that is involved in our lifestyle knows what those colors mean. It means another separation, another stint as a single mom, another time for tears to fall. But they also mean so much fun, so many new memories made, and so many new lessons to be learned!!!!

For us a deployment brings on new challenges, new ideas, and of course a time for growth as a family and as individuals. Many of you see the major things on FB but this is a place for all those little things that make us, us and make us the Phines family.

Now that NTC is in progress we have already started our adventures.
Our first deployment seven years ago started living room night! It is so much easier now that they actually watch a whole movie and snuggle instead of me watch a movie while they play like toddlers :) The second deployment brought in the trash can countdown, the skittle jar, and the new adventure every weekend. We of course did the trash can countdown even if it was only a few...the skittle jars are being decorated and the new adventures have to wait until basketball and soccer are over (well those are an adventure in themselves). This deployment we are introducing a new activity to make our lives a little more enjoyable!
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I mean who wouldn't want ice cream for breakfast on Saturdays!!!

So as we start this blog again, be sure to stay tuned for all our adventures from deployment to FCC to sports and our visits all over the western US that are upcoming!