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August 25, 2008

Jake Says the Craziest Things!!!

So this morning started out with Jake being happy as a clam playing and coloring with me while I was doing some homework. He then walks up to me and informs me that "Nana watched Hannah Tana on the puter mom, so I watch Mickey House on the puter too". So my homework was over for awhile. Mickey House as he calls it was a top priority!!! LOL. He sure can be a genius when he really wants something. He comes up with all sorts of things if it is going to benefit him! I can so totally wait until he is a teenager!!!

The next segment of Jake was this. It was raining...this moment was taken just a minute after he asked me because as a good blogger I had to capture the full effect!!! LOL

What did he ask you wonder??? He asked "Mom where is my "Blue Jacket"(aka. life-jacket) I said in the shed. He says "Go run get it for me so I don't drowned in this lake and get died" LOL Ok now seriously I was DYING of laughter and had to capture his "Lake" that was deep enough for a life jacket!!! LOL


My boys are Army Brats said...

Thats some good stuff right there! I love it!