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July 11, 2008

New Tires = Headache!!!!

Ok so for the last...well since I have had my car I have had a tire that goes low every once in awhile. Well last night it decided to just quit LOL. So I had a flat. No biggie b/c I was at home. So Josh being the wonderful husband that he is, calls and orders tires for me really quickly and all I have to do is go take the car in and pay. No big deal right... I will just get up get things done and get there first thing in the morning.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Things can't go like that. Instead we have to wait until 1:00-1:30 for them to get there. I call and of course the guy that answers has no clue what I am talking about. So I head down there and get there at 2. Now had I known it was going to take 2 FULL HOURS to put on tires I would have told Josh "Ummmm, no thanks you can have fun sitting there tomorrow". But me being the good wife I am, sucks it up and sits and sits and sits some more LOL. Remember I have a 3 yr old right. A 3 yr old that take a nap from 1-3:30 or so. Well since we missed his WHOLE naptime just imagine the fun we had at the tire shop. I am sure they were so glad to get rid of us. Finally I changed the channel from the ever so cheerful CNN to Disney. House of Cory seemed a much better choice for whiny, bored, out of control kids LOL. Jake was a mess...climbing on the chairs, throwing Legos at JT, riding on JT like he was a bike, and then proclaiming that he wanted gum and he didn't want to wait until the car was done and they needed to hurry up!!!! Now we are home and supposed to be getting ready to head to Reynolds to the racetrack. This should be a WONDERFUL fun night LOL. Jake who has had no nap (I HOPE he has one on the way, since its an hour and a half away.), JT who is in a fine mood today (his 7 yr old brain is mis-firing today) and Savannah who is not the biggest racing fan in the world and last about 30 minutes hahaha!! Hopefully since Dad is racing, she will be a little more interested. Speaking of which I better continue this later since I have forgotten to plug in the camcorder and charge my digital batter for tonight!!!! Oh yes and JT says he is praying for no rain because he wants corn dogs and nachos for dinner LOL. Can you tell we spend some time at the track???


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hope ya'll win and have a great night! wheres he racing?

My boys are Army Brats said...

I didn't know Josh races...hmmm I'm outta the loop..