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August 21, 2009

Trash Fridays

From Trash Can

As the next year progresses, you will see this picture on the side of my blog. Every week we will be marking an x to show one more trash day gone!!! It is much easier to count 54 trash days than 380 some days!!! Hopefully before we know it we will have a page of mostly red X's :)
From Trash Can


Laura ~Peach~ said...

excellent plan! cant wait to see the page full of red x's

Margaux Achee said...

This year is going to fly by sooo fast. I know you have NO problem keeping busy please just don't put yourself in the hospital from over exhaustion or something like that. Yes, I know you and you better plan some regular trips up here for R&R.

.:Rhea:. said...

What a great plan! They don't taste as good as skittles, but at that rate the kids would be sick of skittles I'm sure. I hope this time seems to fly by quickly for you and your beautiful family!

prettyinpink said...

I know you dont know me IRL, but from OHO... but just wanted to say your Blog is soo cute. Your kids are gorgeous, and we have the same taste in music for sure! We should be friends!! lol, I LOVE Montana, dh and I drove through on our way to WA, and saw the best sunset of our life in a walmart parking lot!! Good luck with all the red x's! too cute!