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August 19, 2009

JT can...


Yep he learned to waterski while we were in Montana!!!

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
Uncle Ed helping him go!

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
Oh boy here we go!!!! I wish when we had learned, we had trainer skiis like those!!!

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
Takes a lot of concentration :)

From Lake Days 2009 Montana
WOOOHOOOOO SOOOOO Happy to finally go...and go he was not fair that he had to let other people have turns. Now he can't wait to grow to start wakeboarding!!!!


Margaux Achee said...

for some reason I though he was skiing last summer. Those cheater skiis are awsome for kids. Bieng on the water like that creates great memories.

AmersP said...

LOL Yes they are...I wish we would have had them!!!! He got up last year but didn't go far...this year he went around the lake time after time LOL

My Two Army Brats said...

Wow look at that! He looks great! I also thought he did last year too but you cleared that up! How about the other two?