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September 22, 2008

I had forgotten...

What it was like to be a single married mother!!! How did I forget??? I guess I have been spoiled rotten LOL. We are back in the routine of Josh being gone. Hopefully he stays gone long enough this time to let us really remember how things are supposed to work. Of course the day after is spent cleaning the house getting things in order for our different routine. Somehow our routine runs a lot more smoothly when Josh is gone. The kids know that I don't let things slide as much. Homework is very interesting to do with all 3 of them home and no hubby. I thought I was going to have to move my computer to my room and lock them out LOL. Things are a lot different than what I am used to. Last time he was really gone, the kids were younger but they didn't have as many activities going. Now they are older and can help a lot more, but we also have 80 million activities going on at once. They are all busy and loving their craziness so now I am going to enjoy juggling 10 things at once. Heck I can't even juggle 3 things in real life so how am I supposed to juggle 10 in a clock??? Hmmmm I think I need to find myself a rent-a-mommy store!! Does anyone know where there is one located? LOL. Well hopefully we don't hear from Josh for a few weeks. Those of you that know what is going on please keep him in your thoughts throughout the next few days especially as that is going to be a real test. Well I am off to get things ready for Cub Scouts tonight!!! WOOHOOO.