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September 18, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys!!! But WHY???

While we were home and off camping and hanging out at the lake we were still in the midst of potty training Jake. So thanks to some wonderful places with no restrooms within a hop skip and jump he learned to go outside...which is a great thing for a boy to learn don't get me wrong. Fast forward to today...

I walked in the door to get Jake and Derick and I hear "Well we had a little incident with Jake on the playground today." I am of course thinking OH NO who did he beat up because has been in a fighting mood lately with JT and Savannah. I said "Oh No What happened?" I got in return "Well he was playing and the next thing we knew he was standing there going potty". Yep right on the playground in front of almost 40 kids Jake just opens his pants and goes potty. LOL OMG I could have died. So they said they had talked to him but he told them he was going to pee his pants so he couldn't wait for them. Then when we walked in the door Josh asked how his day was and he replied with "Good Daddy. I went pee pee outside on the playground. They didn't like it" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA So now we are going to have to have a talk every morning about going potty in the potty and not outside.