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September 26, 2008

Racing, Baseball, and Playing

Well life has officially settled into a normal routine!!! I am getting deep cleaning done and the kids are doing what they are supposed...That is why I am currently hearing Savannah and Jake TALKING ever so LOUDLY to each other and now Jake is crying LOL. I guess I better go intervene!!! Ok so now that is taken care of. Tonight we are headed to the racetrack. Iris and I and all 5 kids!!! Why do our kids love the track so much??? But hey at least it is free fun ;)
Tomorrow we can sleep in for a few minutes! Baseball isn't until 11 WOOHOOO! After baseball we are headed to the park. Soooo hopefully that will mean we will have a ton of new pictures to put up here.

JT is currently selling Boy Scout popcorn so if anyone would like some please contact me and I will get you the information for him to get credit!

Everyone check back in the next few days for pictures!!! Just wanted let everyone know Josh is still gone and we are all still alive and hanging in there LOL.