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September 12, 2008

Updates Updates Updates!

Well we are finished up our second week of school with Jake. The little bugger decided that he would start crying in the morning when I drop him off LOL. So now Iris takes the boys in the mornings and I pick them up at 1145. He does fine with crying for her!! He is learning a ton already. He comes home everyday with something new to tell me. His language is amazing now!!! I can't believe how well he talks.

Savannah is starting Girl Scouts and is going to love it. She had a blast at the first meeting. It is going to get crazy though with all of our meetings on Mondays. She is doing really well in school and finally starting to really read. She has taken a lot more work to get her reading. She just likes to have someone read it to her LOL.

JT starts baseball tomorrow. It is only on Saturdays,so it isn't too bad. Cub Scouts will also be on Mondays, but they will alternate. It is going to be a great program for him. He is going to really enjoy the activities and Eric will be doing it also.

Josh is getting ready for his school soon. His days have been filled with work and working out. Lots and lots of cardio along with, for some reason, lots and lots of CQ.

I am just enjoying having my mornings to get things done. Homework is a little more time consuming but it is still really easy.

Erik and Uncle Ed will be down here shortly and then Auntie will follow a couple weeks later WOOHOOO!!! Jake keeps asking when Morgan is coming though LOL.

We have just been busy being back in the routine of chaos that is our life :) It was rather nice while it was slow, but the kids are ready to be back in their activities...for how long who knows!!!!


My boys are Army Brats said...

Sounds busy to me! I like having the schedule that comes with the kids being in school but I miss them. Good thing I keep busy....tooo busy sometimes!