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May 21, 2008

Baseballs OVER

Well another baseball/softball season has come and gone. It was a little bit more insane, well umm crazy, then last year. With two kids playing, it felt like it was run, run, run. I most definitely would not have traded it for the world. I am so blessed to have three healthy kids that can play all the sports and enjoy them. Of course at the beginning, Savannah wasn't all that coordinated, but her improvement was amazing. She now hits the ball everytime, can almost catch a pop fly, and knows exactly what to do in every position on the field.
She has turned into a full blown baller, a softballer, but still nonetheless a baller :) She is finally so comfortable throwing and catching, she doesnt look at all like all she wanted to ever do was cheerlead (not that cheering is a bad thing, just not a good idea with my family LOL).
JT developed into quite the player himself this year.
It is absolutely amazing to watch children grow and change not only from year to year, but from the beginning to the end of a season. We were so blessed to have wondeful coaches who took great care of each and everyone of those little guys.
It will be nice knowing that he will have at least one if not two of the same coaches next year. His confidence in himself and exploded and he can now face many situations that would have terrified him a year ago.
Now poor little Jake learned over this season to have patience and to enjoy himself and his sudoku books LOL.
Now that baseball is over, we are looking for a short little break until ummm, well July LOL. Yep a month and a half off is all!!!!!! YIKES!!!!! Then it is back to the fun Georgia heat and some more balling for JT.


My boys are Army Brats said...

Woohoo you blogged again! I'm so proud of you!

My life has been nuts I'm sorry I suck at returning calls anymore.

The kids are not doing so hot so call me one day this week and I'll catch you up or read my blog and pull it all toghether then call me for the whole story k!

I LOVE the pictures! I'm so proud of your little ones! I wish I could be a part of that and watch and cheer them on!

Little Jake looks so cute with his giant soduku book!

Thanks for the update and don't give up me yet girl, I'm trying to keep my sanity.

AmersP said...

Hey girl!!! I NEED your number!!! I had to get a brand new phone w/ no numbers retrieved :(. So give me your number ASAP and I will call you immediately!!! Or call me I am here for you. I am stopping by on my way home!!! So I will be there to give you a hug. I will stay and help you for a couple days!!!!