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December 31, 2008

What a Break!

So the New Year is almost here and this break has flown by. What have we accomplished??? Well not much LOL. Josh decided to start a new HUGE project with his car and I think I may be wishing it was Michelle's-at My Two Army Brats- husband instead of me under the car LOL.

From Josh's Car

Yep that is me helping ever so kindly! Kirke might actually be more help than me though LOL.

He started out with this
From Josh's Car

and is now to less than this!!!!
From Josh's Car

Seriously look what Drag Racing has started in our house hahahahaha.

Along with practicing some mechanic skills we have all had our turn at being sick in one form or another. We made it the WHOLE first part of the school year with only two kid being out sick for one day each!!! The day after school is out though oh boy let is roll LOL. I guess at least we can all just stay home and be bums and play games! Our new favorite game to play is The LadyBug Game Jake is loving being able to play on his own since I was a TERRIBLE mother and left Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders at school!!! OOOPPPS!!!! Speaking of which...
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Moms teach your children to play these classic games LOL. It was absolutely amazing to me that out of 5 Kindergarten classes of 13-15 children only 2-4 in each class knew how to play these games!!!! YIKES!!!!