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December 03, 2008

Jake's Antics

Well he has actually been pretty sweet and well-mannered.
This morning he said his part at school!! It took threatening for no more super-tucks from Daddy, Santa wasn't going to come, and "PLEASE do it and you can have ice cream everyday you do it" but he said it finally today LOL. We were starting to get a little worried since it is next week.

Currently he is sitting on my kitchen counter washing his "bad-guys" (aka. little plastic soldiers) He says they need a bath after their last battle. Ummm whatever little dude.

As I was switching around laundry awhile ago I heard the shovel from by the fireplace. Yep you guessed it...he was emptying the fireplace for me. So I had a wonderful pile of ashes to clean up...good thing I just dusted this morning right!!

I seriously am going to just have to start taking pictures of him all day long so I can keep up LOL.

The only problem with that is my battery charger for my camera is missing...hmmmmm WHERE IS IT???? I have looked high and low so if anyone has any ideas please let me know LOL.


My Two Army Brats said...

Ask Jake where it is. That's the first place I go when I lose something because chances are the boys know where whatever it is might be and I'll waste my time looking because it doesn't dawn on me to look in the box on the floor behind the couch because it's "safer there".