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December 11, 2008

Jake's Antics!!

From Halloween, Tree, Program

These eyes are why everyone wonders why I say that Jake is my extra angel boy!!!!

Today I had more than one cat!!!! Jake decided that he would be a kitty for the day and follow Corona around the house. He was on the table with Cory(Cory was busy trying to escape him LOL)...then to the living room couch...then to this that I captured. I am so glad he has such an active imagination but when the cat jumps on the trash can to the counter that doesn't mean you should follow!!!!

My two favorite kittens.
From Jakes Antics

From Jakes Antics

Loving the real cat!!!
From Jakes Antics

The cat did finally get away after you can tell he was real thrilled. Good thing we got him when Savannah was little and he is well trained in the way of children LOL.


My Two Army Brats said...

I love the pictures. That's one HUGE cat! The real one not the boy-cat.

AmersP said...

LOL Girl you have seen that cat LOL. That is the one that I had in Washington when you came to visit me like decades ago...hint hint...
He really isn't that big, it is mostly hair LOL.

Margaux Achee said...

I'm not really sure why but these pictures make me miss you and your sweet family. I will have to plan a trip to see you soon:)