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with 3 rugrats, an army guy and me...

oh and don't forget Kosmo :)

July 17, 2009


Outside my my now empty front yard LOL. No more tree :(

I am thinking...that Sunday is going to be here much too quickly and that Josh needs to get the books on video done tonight.

I am thankful...for my hubby being home with us even if just for a short time.

From the the sound of the dryer and the smell of brownies :)

I am creating...a list of things to accomplish during the next year!

I am going...have to get things finished up so we can go on vacation on Tuesday!!! Thank you to Margaux for keeping my crazy puppies ;)

I am hoping...Josh decides what he wants for dinner...I am thinking maybe a night out with the kids is in order.

I am hearing...the kids and Josh playing a game and giggling at each other. There is nothing like the sound of Josh and the kids laughing together!

Around the house...are half packed suitcases, dogs sleeping, and piles of clothes that need to be packed.

One of my favorite things...snuggling on the couch with my sweetheart.

A few plans for the rest of the week...swimming in the river, saying goodbye to Josh, swimming w/ Tasha, flying to MONTANA...then visiting old friends, a bridal shower, a fitting for the boys, watching my babies waterskii :) It is going to be a VERY busy week ahead!!!!

I would love to hear about your today!