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July 01, 2009

Lots of Excitement

Well we have had lots of things going on...But more importantly Murphy has decided it would be a good time to visit...Of course it would right, after all it was only 5 days before Josh came home. Some of you are wondering WHAT in the world is she talking about!!! Well we had a wonderful adventure on Sunday. A CRAZY storm blew through our neighborhood. I got up to the door to watch the water whip down our driveway when Savannah says, "Um mom the tree is on our house." I replied "Yeah you are funny." JT says, "No Mom she is serious its on our house!!!" LOL Sure enough the tree had decided to fall on our MAJOR damage but definitely damage to the shingles and rooftop.





My Two Army Brats said...

Oh my! That's ummm wow definately not cool. It makes sense though since Josh is coming home and all. Damn the luck!

.:Rhea:. said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad it didn't crash through your house. We had a heavy windstorm too and it knocked down a power pole draping the line across our chain link fence. Luckily there was one up Pony road just before that cause a fire and the power to go out. Had that not happened, the fire could've been in our back yard. Scary, unfun weather!