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February 16, 2009


It has been forever since I have had a chance to update. Things have been very busy around here. We did however take yesterday to have some fun. There were boys here that Josh was with in Washington. It was a great time!!! To see them all together it is truly amazing to see the bond that is created between them. They haven't seen each other in YEARS...but yet they see each other and it is like they saw them yesterday. It was a WONDERFUL day full of old memories and new ones. Watching all the kids get to know each other and seeing kids we havent even seen yet. It is truly amazing how much the Army makes your family so much larger than just your blood. As we were talking yesterday it was amazing to me how many "Uncles" my kids had when we were in Washington...So many laughs and giggles over silly little teaching JT his name was "Pimp Daddy Phines" along with a few other select sayings. Now they have kids of their own and think what in the world hahahaha. Here is a little of what the stories entailed yesterday as it was a walk down memory lane...