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February 19, 2009

Well The Day Has Finally Come ....

The day Josh has definite orders...somehow even though I have known he was leaving I have kept it held at bay. Yesterday he told me he has a definite date...Report to Riley April 15th. UGH it is so far away and in some ways I wish he could just report next week so we could get it started and over with....then in others I just want him to stay home and be with us and never leave or deploy or do all that crazy Army stuff LOL. I guess I must have gotten really spoiled with him being home everyday and being able to actually be a part of our family full-time.

So I guess it is time to start my To Do List and post it soon. I will need about 300 things to accomplish before my time is over LOL. Wish me luck!!! I am about ready to jump back into the life as a Real Army life as a Drill Wife has ended

Here is one of my favorite sets of Pictures from our last journey into this world of separation and deployments. It is taken a couple of weeks before Josh left to Iraq and then a couple weeks after he got back. What a HUGE difference a year makes... in our case from 2 kids to 3 LOL!!!!

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures


.:Rhea:. said...

I love those photos! It's so great to hear from you. I've been reading your blog catching up a bit. Hope all is well. Your family is so cute!