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December 11, 2013

Time to get back on track...

Well it has been FOREVER AGAIN...but it is time to become a little more accountable and document this journey as time is flying and so many memories are happening. The last deployment brought so many life successes and so may new friends and so many changes, but then PCS happened. PCS...when we hear that word it presents so many brings a complexity to life that unless you have experienced you really NEVER understand...We knew where we were going, were excited it was Dahlonega. But the roller coaster ride have to say goodbye to their friends from the last three years. The two older kids were at an age where it broke their hearts. JT thank goodness has his friend still close by due to them retiring (only 8hrs) but Savannah (who has a really hard time making good girl friends) had to leave Brianna. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to make her do and it still brings tears to my eyes to this day. Thank goodness we went home but this was not so good either began the downward spiral of eating habits and workout habits. We had a ton of functional fitness (aka hauling wood from the mountains LOL) but lots of down time too. Then came the time to move to GA. Everyone had a bit of an adjustment. We got here on a Monday, signed for our house on Wednesday, household goods came on Monday, kids started jitz on Monday...then school on Friday. In this process I was job hunting and found a job, but this turned out to be not such a good thing as the hours were very rough on us. Life just seemed to get in the way of eating right and working out...what was the priority for ME was put back on the back burner again.
 During my journey from the beginning at 210lbs to 170 lbs while Josh was gone I had so many people message and ask how I did it...message and tell me they had hit the gym because of me and because of this I realized I need to get back on track and become healthy again and show my kids that it is ok to fail but you just have to keep trying. .This was when we left Kansas. 

Well now it is two steps back and the continuation of the journey..  So now at 185 and 10 steps back on the Cross Fit scale it is time to document this journey somewhere other than Facebook. 

 That way people can have the option to read or not LOL.  Not everyone will want to see all my food and read about all my crazy goals met like last time so this time it will be back to my blog...well along with all the fun stuff that is in store with sports, 15 credits next semester, Josh going off to classes and everything else that happens with our family (AKA broken bones lol)!!!   So here we go! Back to paleo and back to Allie's killer workouts...just without her :)