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January 10, 2011


Well it is January and we finally have snow. I remember last winter we moved to Montana in December! Of course we came to snow and by the time Josh came home in May for R/R guess what!!! We still had snow!!! I remember thinking that UGH I am SOOO sick of the snow!!! We were just ready for summer and the lake! Well here we are a year later and we are all so happy to have snow again. There is just something about watching snow fall from the sky that I find relaxing.

Of course I wake up this morning and no school! Then I find out NO EXTRA KIDS!!! WOOHOOO day off for all of us. We all slept in and snuggled and watched some CSI. Then it was time to jump out of bed, grab the snow-gear and head outside for some wintery fun! So glad that I thought ahead and ordered the kids stuff on clearance. I did find out that JT and Savannah REALLY need new BOGS so that is going to be taken care of today :)

It was surprising to me how many kids were not outside! At home the first snow of the year brings EVERYONE out to play and not just for 5 minutes. Kids spend hours out in the snow and come inside and warm up and then head back out. I am so glad that my kids have learned to love and enjoy the cold crisp winter conditions and have found that no matter what fun can be had outside.
Kosmo and I joined them and we had a great time! Kosmo was so happy to play! He chased snowballs, rolled all around and acted like he was a puppy again. The kids really got to giggling at him and his silly antics.

From Snow Days

Then of course it was time for some good old Snow Ball!!!!!!!

From Snow Days


My Two Army Brats said...

You have more snow than we do!! I'm jealous!! We haven't had much to play in yet but the boys try anyhow!