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December 27, 2010


Well the last time I updated this blog we were in the mode of getting ready for Josh to come home on R/R and getting ready to move to Ft Riley, KS. Now 8 months later we have had an insane amount of things happen. The kids are all adjusted to their new schools, Josh is back home in the states and working a normal Army job (after almost 5 years that was a huge adjustment), and I am fully into life as a Family Child Care Provider again. But now that we have all settled in our awesome house, made some great friends, and adjusted to life in Kansas, it is time to start planning our next move. Yes the kids and I will not have even been here a full year and it is time to pick up and move again!!! Where to is the question LOL. Well the answer is rather entertaining...most likely back to Fort Benning, GA where only a year ago I packed up my 3 kids, dog, and cat, flew my cousin down and we drove across the country LOL. Of course we may end up in Dahlonega, GA or Eglin AFB, FL but hey that is the adventure in things right???

We have decided that because some things are to remain unknown to us, it is in our best interest (well and the most loved plan by kids and family) that the kids and I will return to Montana to my mom for a few months (only like 3-4 this time) and enjoy the Montana spring, some lake time, and wedding season for our family again. The kids will be going in March and I will follow a few weeks later. Josh will head to Benning to report and go through airborne and then we will follow in June.

Now that the future has been told the past shall reveal itself here too. The kids spent the summer in Alaska, but that is another blog in itself.

Josh came home on R/R.
Since we have been here we have had some great fun! One of our favorite times was the trip the kids and I took to see our friends that you all see on here quite often :) Instead of driving the 3 hours from Benning to Daholnega we drove the 7 hours from Ft Riley to Ft Carson, CO and hooked up with my BFF Margaux and her 4 kids and hubby! It is an amazing thing to have a friend not only for me but for the kids that keeps things feeling like home. We have been so blessed to be close to them almost all of our Army lives. Here was some of our adventures on our trip to Carson!

From Colorado Trip
From Colorado Trip
From Colorado Trip
From Colorado Trip
From Colorado Trip
From Colorado Tri
Because it is almost a new year, I decided it was time to chronicle our upcoming 2011 year and get back on track for my blog! Not to mention that before long we will be across the country from our family again and our adventures will be continuing w/out them :(


Margaux Achee said...

Love the update! keep them coming:)