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June 08, 2009

grrr NO Internet is no fun

ok so we have no internet until Thursday the 11TH! Thank goodness for my cool phone lol...I will be updating on the 11th with pictures and stories....
I do have some amazing news! Josh has a 4 day Fathers Day weekend and is coming home! I am soooooooo excited I couldn't call someone fast enough with the news lol. 2 1/2 days is just enough to get us to block we have not disappeared just been out of internet lol....Oh yes and this is my 100th post lol from my sad I can't even do a picture!!


.:Rhea:. said...

I have to agree. No internet makes me say "Arrrrgh!" We had to got without since Memorial Day weekend and just got it back yesterday. It's only been a couple of weeks, but when I'm so busy blogging and checking my facebook account constantly, It seems like it's been months! Good luck catching up. That's what I'm up to today.