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April 13, 2009

Well the time has come...

Josh has finally left. In a way it is nice to have our schedule started, but I know that as the next couple of weeks go on it will get a lot harder before it gets easier. Having him 16 hours away is frustrating because it is too far for a weekend trip, but close enough to drive me crazy that he is still in the States LOL. The kids did really well. We kept them home from school because we didn't know how Savannah would do. Yesterday she broke down in the middle of a bite of French Toast at Breakfast... so who knew what she would do today. Turns out she was ok. JT well he just says he is really bummed but will be ok. that is the one that is going to be tough. He had a rough day with attitude because he knew something was going on. He says he lost Dad and he can't find him-even though he has talked to him on the phone LOL. Crazy how little kids minds work. I heard him asking JT if he would be home tomorrow and listened to JT explain to him it would be a long long time...oh the words of comforting...I am a very lucky Mom to have a child with the wisdom and words that he does. Josh will be arriving to Riley soon...I am waiting for the call...still a couple more hours to go LOL. Our next chapter has officially begun and I can't wait to see what adventures it is going to hold. I know it will have lots of trips to visit Margaux. I can't wait to see what adventures our kids will get into!!! I am so blessed to have her as one of my best friends. I only hope that I can repay her the favor of putting up w/ my crazies and our visits!!! Oh yes and we have a trip home in the works!!! WOOHOOO TIME FOR THE LAKE!!! Forget family...we don't go home to see family..we go home to ski, board, and boat for days on end LOL.

Our Most Precious Moments Over The Last Few Weeks

From Zoo March 09

From Zoo March 09

From Savannah


Laura ~Peach~ said...

It's unreal how time flies but in this case I hope it flies very quickly!
Love catching up on the last week with all you guys have been doing it looks like a ton of fun!

.:Rhea:. said...

God bless your family and give you the strength to move through this next chapter of your lives together. We will be thinking of you.

Margaux Achee said...

looks like you guys had a lot of fun before Josh left. You know if you sit and think of the time you can get over whelmed but it is going to just fly by especially with your crazy schedule. I just wish we lived closer so we could hang out all the time. We will have toget together as much as possible. I am going to hold you to the strawberry patches, the apple picking and pumpkins, and stone mountain christmas, Then of coarse we will go see you too. Call me today!