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January 19, 2009

Wow!! 8 Years already!

Yesterday was JT's 8th birthday. It is truly amazing how time goes so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was calling Nancy in a panic LOL. Oh the time we had for awhile. I could NEVER have imagined what a wonderful sweet boy I would get. I am excited to see what the future holds for him and watch how God works in his life, but yet a little sad because my sweet little baby has definitely in the last few months grown up to be a big little man.

From 2001

My darling boy at 7lbs1oz and 18 inches he was SO tiny.

From 2001

Heading home in -32 degrees!!!! BRRRRRR

From Christmas Eve

From JTs Birthday
Still not all that much bigger at only 45 pounds at the age of 8 LOL.


SgtSudsWife said...

They grow up to fast don't they. He is a little cutie. I bet he is a good boy.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I should dig out and show you photos of cory at 8.... he was a tiny, skinny kid... then at 13-14 puberty hit and he grew so fast the dr did blood work to make sure he was ok... cory went from 55 pounds and just over 4 ft tall to 185 and 5 ft 11 inches in under a year... he went from size 5 in boys shoes to size 13 MENS shoes in a year he finally stopped at size 141/2 -15 depending on how they are made. He was so proud the day he could wear his daddys clothing we went out bought him an entire wardrobe and I kid you not two weeks later HIS DAD got ALL the clothing as we had to go sizes bigger and longer. Enjoy him being smaller as long as you can one day you will do like me... walk up to your son and realize you have to LOOK UP AT HIM! Tears... Sniff... Happy 8th Birthday JT!