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October 01, 2008


It looks like I can now officially say Ft. Riley here comes Josh. For those of you that know us know what that means. Josh is back home and life is back on track! He is off until next Wednesday WOOHOOO!!! Of course then they are on cycle break too heheheheehe...perfect timing I say! Only 2 months exactly of trail time and we are DONE!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!

We are going to have a crazy week ahead of us. I have TONS of Homework to do (yes I am supposed to be typing on my outline for my essay not on here). I am taking a short break to rest my brain because childhood obesity articles are taking over!!!!!! I am subbing this on Saturday AM and Cub Scout Campout on Sat and Sun. Hmmmm camping w/ 5 kids and two adults...let me see this sounds like great horror...oh wait I mean fun LOL. I need to remember to take the registration in tomorrow GRRR!!!!

Today we ran (yes a quick run) to Atlanta to take my Uncle to the airport. :( Jake CRIED and CRIED he wanted Knuckle Head (Uncle Ed but he serioulsy calls him that and has since this summer) to move in with Erik and not go back to Aunties house. Oh man that means when Auntie comes to visit in two weeks we will have Knuckle Head, Auntie and Erik all living in Atlanta by the end of it if he has his way LOL. I guess Morgan better just find herself an SEC school!!!

The kids are doing great... still selling popcorn...PLEASE BUY SOME LOL. Savannah was wishing she was playing ball, but when I told her she would have had to have done T-ball she informed me "Never mind that game is for babies" LOL. Guess she will be waiting until Spring!!!! Jake well he just will play anytime!

UGH Ok now everyone back to your regular scheduled programming before I forget I actually have something of importance to be doing....
Lindsey if you read this well I will be calling you Friday for some re-write Proofreading


Sonya said...

I am so glad to hear he is home!!! Congrats and enjoy!!!


My boys are Army Brats said...

I'm a little no a lot behind on blog reading, sorry.

It was nice to get to talk to you Friday, seems like I never talk on my phone much anymore.