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December 06, 2008

Jake's Little Life

So all three kids were home today! I decided today would be a GREAT day to clean clean clean LOL. The three head off to their rooms to "clean." I am folding laundry (yes that seems to be my WHOLE life!!) and I hear a terrific crash that keeps going and going and JT screaming "MOM HELP ME!" I walk in and see Jake's dresser at a very awkward angle and stereo pieces everywhere. Where is Jake? Yep under a dresser drawer and half under the bed. Now how he got half under the bed I have no idea! Maybe the drawer that split his lip knocked him under. Now many of you are going to say...that is why you anchor your furniture. I move things WAY too often to anchor anything!!! That dresser has only been there for about 3 weeks as it is LOL. I am in a way very glad it happened because he has told me that he doesn't like climbing things anymore. I told him that is why I keep telling him to stay off of things because he can get hurt. He said "Sorry I didnt listen Mommy" LOL. Maybe now he will stay off the cupboards and the sofa table and the dressers and the closet shelves and whatever else is elevated off the ground!

On a bright note...I FOUND MY CHARGER!!! Where was it?? ?Ummm in the cupboard where it both Josh and I missed it is beyond me, but we did LOL. will soo be coming along with my Jakey stories!!!


My Two Army Brats said...

Awww poor little guy!

THis may hinder his climbing for a few days but don't get too excited he'll be at it again.